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Lutton St Nicholas Primary AcademyOur Ethos and Values at Lutton St Nicholas Primary Academy

We aim to encourage the social, mental, emotional, spiritual and physical development of every child in a happy, secureand stimulating environment. We strive to foster good relationships between school, home and community.

Our Aims

At Lutton St Nicholas Primary School we aim to:

  • have high standards for everyone
  • promote effective learning and teaching
  • provide a positive, stimulating environment
  • promote a caring and sharing atmosphere within the school
  • educate the whole child at the appropriate level
  • encourage self-discipline, independent learning and self reliance
  • generate self-worth and respect, and tolerance for others

Our Mission

In order to achieve these aims the school will 

  • skilled teachers and support staff
  • appropriate resources
  • support from all stakeholders
  • opportunities for learning beyond the curriculum
  • effective monitoring of the school's provision
  • appropriate evaluation of, and response to, national and local educational initiatives


British Values

The 4 core values are:

  1. Democracy
  2. The rule of law
  3. Individual liberty
  4. Mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs

As a federation, we share the government’s aspiration to promote a tolerant and outward looking society where all people feel valued and included.