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Lutton St Nicholas Primary AcademyWelcome to Caterpillars Class

Marvellous Machines

Our topic this term is all about Marvellous Machines. The Caterpillars had two special visitors in school showing them their vehicle. The Caterpillars loved exploring the vehicle, listening and watching the sirens and asking lots of questions.

Taylors Bulbs Trip

The Caterpillars enjoyed their afternoon at Taylors Bulbs. They planted their own amaryllis and knew what their bulb needed when they got home. They had a walk in a field to explore all of the different types of daffodil and listened very carefully to the different parts of a daffodil.

World Book Day

The Caterpillars had a fantastic day dressing up as their favorite characters. They explored the story of Elmer and listened to adults read their favorite story books.

Roots to Food

We learnt that the dish, Stromboli, originates from Italy. We had to stretch and make a rectangle out of the dough, add tomato puree, cheese and pineapple. Then it needed to go into the oven. We really enjoyed eating our Stromboli’s.

Dinosaur Shadows

Our topic this term is all about Dinosaurs. The children were exploring making shadows using torches and toy dinosaurs and had great fun.