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Week Beginning 18th January


Writing Diary Entries
Choose the lessons from this unit to support gathering ideas and emotions; planning your entry and then drafting and editing.


The Feudal System
How were people governed in the Middle Ages?


Maths Challenges
Work on paper or download these tricky and fun maths puzzles.

Previous Weeks

Week 11 January



Biographies – This unit of work helps you to plan, draft, edit and write a biography.

Spelling and Phonics

Have fun and learn. Choose one of these games to improve you skills.

Level 2 Phonics Gameshow
Level 3 Phonics Gameshow


Have fun and learn. Which of these challenges will you choose? “Give it a go!”

Number bonds1-to-10
MentalCalculation -addition Press-the-button game
Press-the-button Times tables game

Remind yourself how to greet people in French – vital in the court of William the Conqueror.
Jo Wicks Workout is available on YouTube Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9am.
Cosmic Kids Yoga for whenever you like.

4 Janaury



What would Jesus want me?

to know to live a good life?

The Life of Jesus



Recalling the 4 Times Tables
Skip Counting, Multiples and Products. Then use your maths reasoning.


The Battle of Hastings

Watch the videos, look on the website then
make a Mind Map by answering these questions:
Who was King Harold?
Who was William of Normandy?
Where is Normandy and where is Hastings
Why did William attack Harold?
What were the armies like on both sides?
What happened at the battle?
What happened to how England was ruled?

History for Kids: Battle of Hastings

Animated Bayeux Tapestry

Interview with WIlliam and Harold


Who was Siddhartha Guatama?
What would the Buddha want me to know, to live a good life?



Understanding Multiplication can be done in any order

Have a go at one of the activities from this website. The answers are there so you can check your solutions.


We are going to write biographies (life stories) of King Harold and William the Conqueror so this unit of English will help us learn the features and grammar rules for this type of non-fiction text and how to write them.


Who was Guru Nanak?
How can this religious leader help me to decide what will go in my ‘Backpack’?



Using Bar Models to Represent Known Multiplication Facts

Use bar models to help your reasoning when using multiplication facts.

Have a go at one of the activities from this website. The answers are there so you can check your solutions.


Biography Interview

You are to interview someone in your family to investigate their biography. Write down their answers to help your work next week.

See the list of questions below to help you:
Where and when were you born?
Who were your parents?
Who are you siblings and family?
Where have you lived and when?
Where did you go to school and work?
What big life events have happened to you?
What were the best times of your life?

To investigate unstressed vowels in polysyllabic words

This unit will help us to think about how we can remember to spell words


Bayeux Tapestry Animated Tapestry

Watch this video to learn more about the Battle of Hastings as shown on the famous Bayeux Tapestry

Bayeux Tapestry - how to draw a knight on horseback
Now create your own knight on horseback in the style of the tapestry. Remember to use colours like those in the tapestry. Keep you

On this page we will be sharing some of the fantastic things we do in class.

Another Fantastic Week 22 Janaury

Thank you to all the children, and especially to their parents and adults who have worked so hard to make learning at home happen. Here is a small selection of the great work that has gone on this week.

Tree-mendous Time

The children painted Christmas decorations to dress the most spectacular Christmas tree in one of our neighbours gardens. We had a walk in the beautiful sunshine and thought about how our school can bring positivity and happiness to our community. A lovely way to share Christmas celebrations in our village.

Inspire - National Challenge

Look at the smiles of these children after being awarded their participation certificates from the Inspire Mentoring programme. The children have worked with Sam on team building, problem solving, taking on physical and mental challenges to build their skills and confidence. Thank you to Sam who has been a true inspiration.

Elf Visit

Thank you so much to FOLS for arranging the visit from Elf and the wonderful gifts for each child.

Spooky Poetry

We studied different types of poetry and as it was Halloween dress up that week, we decided to go for scary themes. We read, wrote and performed poetry including: Kennings, Haikus, Limericks and Narrative Poems.

We finished the unit with dramatizing the poem, ‘The Vampire’.

Misty Mountain Winding River

To enhance our understanding of rivers and mountains, we designed and built mountain ranges from Papier Mache and carefully painted our models to show the source, upper, middle and lower course of rivers. We used pointillism techniques in our art and on the mountains to try and create a realistic effect.

We designed and created explanation texts to show all we had learnt on the topic.

Campfire Building

To help us with our instruction writing, we learnt how to build and light a fire safely. Then we wrote our own instructions to create a delicious campfire snack. Unfortunately, the weather let us down so we just had to eat them in class. Yum!