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Lutton St. NcholasWelcome to Class 3

On this page we will be sharing some of the fantastic things we do in class.


Buckle up, sunglasses on—we’re going on a road trip across the good old US of A! It’s time to explore the sights and sounds of the different national parks, landscapes and urban areas. Use your map skills to navigate your way around some of America’s most famous landmarks.

Meet the Native American Tribes and their customs and traditions. Travel along Route 66 seeing the Cadillac Stonehenge and the Blue Whale that you can walk through.

It’s going to be a long journey, put the roof down and let the wind blow through your hair—we’re off!

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Our Stars of the Week

All of Class 3

Mini Olympics Celebration Inspire+

Last week the children from Years3 and 4 took part in an amazing day full of sport. They enjoyed an Olympic Opening and Closing Ceremony and took part in a flag parade. During the day they played a variety of sports as well as had their books signed by some of the celebrity sporting ambassadors from Inspire+. The weather kept fine and everybody had a wonderful day. Well done Class 3 for coming 2nd in the Flag/Banner competition!!!


Tag Rugby

During the Spring Term Class 3 learnt the skills of tag rugby with one of the Inspire+ coaches. They learnt how to throw and catch the rugby balls properly, as well as how to make sure they use the space correctly in a game. Sporting tactics were learnt and all had a great time getting muddy and learning how to dodge one another and score a try. Great work Class 3!!!


Class 3 have been learning to play the ukulele and have really enjoyed this. They have learnt how to play different chords and read music related to stringed instruments. They are sounding lovely and some have really good musical rhythm.

Sport Relief 2018

In March the children enjoyed raising money for Sport Relief 2018. The children dressed in as many different sporting items as possible for the chance to win a prize. They also took part in sporting activities jointly throughout the day. We had fun raising money for a good cause. Well done Lutton!!!

Active Maths: Maths of the Day 23 January

Today the children took part in this week's active maths linked to place value and ordering numbers. Again they did well and showed good cooperation skills, as well as mathematical application.

Active Maths 16 January

As part of the Obesity and Healthy Eating Policy the children are encouraged to participate in 60 minutes of activity a day. At school we provide 30 minutes as much as possible and with this have introduced a weekly Active Maths session including Maths of the Day resources and ideas.

The children of Class 3 have enjoyed their session so far and it is getting them up and out of their seats, active and learning through the application of mathematical knowledge, understanding and concepts. Keep going Class 3!

Gymnastics Inspire+

The children of Classes 3 and 4 are enjoying the weekly gymnastic lessons where they are exploring different movements, equipment and jumps. They have been able to incorporate turns and twists into their jumps and ensure secure landings and continue to develop these skills with enthusiasm, energy and positivity. Great work KS2!

Boccia Experience

During Carl Blackman's visit the children learnt about sports for those with disabilities and the skills of a new sport called Boccia. It is a Paralympic sport that is similar to bowls and has to be played sat or knelt down. The children interacted with Carl well and thoroughly enjoyed taking part in a new sport. Thank you Carl and Well done Class 3.

Polar Express to the North Pole!

We have been looking at The Polar Express book and film and been writing diary entries and some descriptive texts. The children have been so engaged in this and created a wonderful Polar Express as a team. Finally we had a hot chocolate morning in pyjamas and slippers with teddys and their favourite cups. It was such a joy to watch the children smile and laugh as they sang along to the song and continued to be enthralled by the film.

We would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...from all in Class 3!

Freeze Frame!

The children of Class 3 enjoyed looking at the story of The Steadfast Tin Soldier by Hans Christian Anderson. They looked at others’ points of view and were able to put themselves in the characters’ shoes. During these sessions they did some freeze frame work and were able to really embrace a character’s feelings, thoughts and behaviours.

European Homework

Here are some of the wonderful pieces of homework that the children of Class 3 brought in this term. They had to pick a European country and research different areas that were generated by the class. These included education, clothing, cuisine, currency and tourism amongst many more. They could display their homework however they wished. Great work Class 3!

Introduction to White Rose

Over the last few weeks of term the children and staff of Class 3 have been introduced to the White Rose Mathematics programme and have thoroughly enjoyed this. The use of hands on mathematics in order to deepen the understanding of concepts has been received well by all. Resources such as Base 10, Numicon, place value counters and “Crazy Cup!” have been used to show numbers in different ways and deepen the understanding of Place Value and Addition and Subtraction. The children moved onto developing their reasoning and problem solving skills which required the application of their knowledge.

Next term we will be moving on to Multiplication and Division with White Rose.

Continuing with a Fizz!!!

Fizzy Whizzy!!! Class 3 have continued to look at solids, liquids and gases through an ongoing experiment. We have been testing fizzy drinks to see if gases weigh anything. Through this scientific predictions were made, observations carried out and a few fizzing noises created! So far the weight of the bottles of liquid have decreased by a small amount so no solid conclusion has been made! Next step is changing states and creating crystals!

Lincolnshire Week 2017

For Lincolnshire Week the children of Class 3 continued looking at European artists and linked these in with locally grown produce (as well as some not so local!) They looked at the works of Italian artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo and created their own using fresh produce. They did a wonderful job and the class had a specific aroma for a few days as they then used their painting skills to copy their physical artwork.

We also made and tasted leek and potato soup. Some weren't keen but everybody gave it a try. Good job Class 3!

Follow the Leader!

In English the children have been learning about the features of instructions and how to follow them. They followed instructions for origami, Lego and soup making, identifying and adding their own imperative 'bossy' verbs. They then created a word bank of adverbs and adverbial phrases and use their knowledge and understanding to write instructions for finding buried treasure on a treasure map. These were great to read and will be scanned and published on the website soon.

A Great Start!

The children of Class 3 have made a great start to the new academic year and we will aim to keep you updated on our activities throughout the term. This week we have been looking at tinting and toning in art using paints. The children mixed the 3 secondary colours well and then added white or black to their work as they wished in order to change the shades and tones. They did this on a variety of leaves as no leaf is exactly the same colour. They worked extremely hard and you will see these leaves in our Harvest Celebration.

In PE this week it was a mini-assessment lesson linked to the core elements on the progression plan. The children were amazing for their first PE lesson with me and demonstrated their different jumping skills as well as their self-challenging abilities. They were able to develop their catching and throwing skills and with this they will develop their aiming skills in time.

Finally, in Science this week we have been looking at the properties of solids, liquids and gases and their particle arrangements. The children became particles and demonstrated on the playground with hoops how each state of matter’s particles are arranged and how they move and vibrate. They then went on to investigate solids and liquids focusing on fair testing.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the beginning of this year with Class 3 and look forward to the learning and fun that takes place in the future!