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Lutton St. NcholasLearning Links

We've collected some really good websites to help with the work we do in class.

BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize has some excellent games to support practice for SATs

Haring Kids

Activities and games

Math Playground

Use your maths knowledge to play some great games

Woodlands Junior School

Some brilliant links for lots of different subjects and topics.

Oxford Owl

Reading activities for ages 3-11 and maths activities for ages 3-7. There is online access to 250 free eBooks.

Phonics Play

Games we play in school to help younger children use sounds to read. Parents will also find some useful information to help support their children.

The Kidz Page

Free games to help with learning. Both online and games to print.

Top Marks

You will find some super Maths and Literacy games to help practice skills taught in class.

ICT Games

Maths and Literacy tools and games for all ages.