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Lutton St Nicholas Primary AcademyAfter School Clubs

Out of school clubs broaden the children's experiences, and reflect their interests. They may include keyboard, craft and cookery, drama, knitting, gardening, multi-skills, chess, netball, football, recorders, guitar, reasoning skills, archaeology, film making and French, as interest demands.

Belonging to a club requires a degree of commitment and we ask that you encourage your child to give of their best through good attendance and practice. With a little bit of application and commitment, who knows what they will be able to achieve!! We also ask that you should be responsible for your child's safe return home.


Term 3








KS2 Performing arts - Mrs Emeny (hall - max 24) after-school

KS2 Inclusive sport - Mr Thomas (max 24) lunchtime 

KS1/2 Colouring club - Miss Pattern (max 15) lunchtime


There will also be a SATs club running at lunchtimes for our Y6s. This will be organised in school by Mr Dearlove.

There will be a Y6 SATs club organised by Mr Dearlove. This will run at Lunchtimes.