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Lutton St Nicholas Primary AcademySchool Council

Meet our Councillors

Our Mission...

To make a school where teachers and children can work together to build a strong school community that is a happy and fun learning environment for everyone.

What we want to do for you

We are here to speak for you.If you are to shy to speak out loud we can be your voice for you. If you have any ideas you can come and tell us. We are here to help.

Our first projects...

Playground Fun: What could we have in our school grounds to make break and lunchtimes more fun?

Environment: What can we do to keep our environment safe and clean an make sure we are not damaging the planet?

Clubs: What lunchtime and after-school clubs would you like?

Learning: What do you want to tell our teachers to make your learning better?

School Council Suggestion Box

The suggestion box is where you write and post your ideas to make the school a better place. You can also come and tell any of the School Councillors your idea and they will take it the School Council meetings to see what we can do about it.