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Lutton St Nicholas Primary AcademyWelcome to our School Council Page

After a rigorous selection process, which included children writing their manifestos, presenting these to the whole school and then finally voted into place through our 'School Ballot', we have now secured a great team as the voice of our pupils. 

Here you will find information regarding all the key incentives the children have discussed and implemented through our school. Our children are proactive and keen to make a difference for all our community and beyond.

We are proud to present to you:

Caitlyn Townsend

Austin Smith 

Jenson Manton

Teddy Bell

Jack Almey

Skyla Rouse

Lizzie Jordaan (Vice Chair)

Ava Cooper

Jamie Whisler (Clerk)

Isla Hansord (Chair)

Meeting 1:

In our first meeting we gathered initial ideas of what we would like to promote/develop within our school. This includes:

  • Rewards for house points
  • Rewards for attendance
  • Raising money
  • Buying different play equipment
  • School trips


  • Plan an end of term reward for our house points winners – this could be goodie bags, movie and popcorn, games afternoon – to be decided in meeting 2
  • Request purchase of prizes for 100% attendance at the end of term – School Council to request this from our FOLS
  • Look into school trips for the Spring Term linked to class learning – contact local places of worship

Meeting 2:

The school council convened on early December to deliberate and finalise the end-of-term rewards for the children.


The meeting commenced with a review of the proposed reward options. Suggestions included academic achievements, extracurricular accomplishments, and positive behaviour recognition. After thorough discussions and considering the diverse interests and contributions of pupils, the council agreed upon a multifaceted approach to recognise and reward the children's efforts – particularly regarding the House Points reward system in our school.

Positive Behaviour and Contributions:

Recognising the significance of positive behaviour and contributions to the school community, the council proposed a system of "Christmas gift boxes." The members will award these boxes to pupils displaying exemplary behaviour, kindness, leadership, or significant contributions to school activities.


The school council's decision to diversify the end-of-term rewards aims to celebrate the multifaceted talents and efforts of the pupils. By recognising academic progress, effort, extracurricular achievements, and positive behaviour, the school hopes to foster a culture of holistic growth and appreciation for various forms of success among its pupil body.

The council expressed optimism that these rewards will motivate and inspire pupils to excel in all aspects of their educational journey.

The council adjourned with a sense of anticipation and commitment to making the end-of-term celebration a memorable and inclusive event for all pupils.

Meeting 3:

On Tuesday 19th December, the school council organised a heartwarming event to distribute Christmas Gift Boxes to all the children here at Lutton St Nicholas. This event was accompanied by an assembly where Isla and Skyla, two prominent members of the school council, delivered impactful speeches, showcasing remarkable confidence and leadership skills.

Distribution of Christmas Gift Boxes:

The school council meticulously organised the preparation and distribution of Christmas Gift Boxes for all pupils. The boxes were filled with various sweets, of which the school council separated into individual boxes. This initiative aimed not only to spread the joy of the festive season but also to foster a sense of unity and care within the school community.

The event commenced with the school council members distributing the gift boxes to each of our house point winners for the end of the Autumn Term. The excitement and joy on the faces of the children were evident as they received their gifts, creating an atmosphere filled with warmth and happiness.

Isla and Skyla's Assembly Speech:

As an integral part of the assembly, Isla and Skyla, both esteemed members of the school council, delivered speeches that captivated the audience and left a lasting impact.

Isla, with her articulate speech and confident demeanour, spoke about the importance of kindness and sharing how the school council came to their decision regarding what prizes should be on offer to our house point winners.
Following Isla, Skyla took the stage with an aura of confidence. Skyla's eloquence and ability to connect emotionally with her peers made her speech relatable and powerful. Her message encouraged children to do their best so that they may contribute to their house winning the next prize.


The distribution of Christmas Gift Boxes and the inspiring speeches delivered by Isla and Skyla during the assembly exemplified the values of compassion, unity, and leadership within our school community. These initiatives not only spread joy but also instilled a sense of empathy and responsibility among the pupils. The efforts of the school council and the confident presentations by Isla and Skyla were instrumental in making this event a memorable and impactful experience for all.
This event serves as a testament to the dedication and commitment of the school council in fostering a positive and nurturing environment for the pupils.